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Emma on Highlight: Management of Labour

Date: 14 March 2019

Category: Pregnancy


Emma had her first baby eight months ago, talking about our Highlight: Management of Labour she said:

The information in this Highlight about trials and the statistics of birthing is an interesting read for pregnant women. This information would also be useful for midwives to feed back to the women they support. Midwives and doctors will advise on options for a delivery that is safe for mother and baby. However, I personally feel that there should be more emphasis on advising expectant mothers that regardless of a birthing plan, babies have their own ideas of how their birth pans out and it’s not always possible to stick to the plan! Nevertheless, discussing a delivery plan and having the knowledge of pain relief and delivery options available prior to the birth can help the woman make informed decisions, which – as midwives will advise – can be changed as the labour progresses.

This Highlight has featured some very useful information and statistics about labour and delivery which expectant mothers will find informative once discussed with their midwives.

  • Summary:

    Emma had her first baby eight months ago, she talks about how useful she thinks our Highlight: Management of Labour will be to expectant mothers.

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