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Get involved in supporting evidence dissemination

The NIHR Dissemination Centre works with a number of professional and public contributors throughout the entire dissemination process. We encourage regular input from external stakeholders to ensure that the views of our key audiences are kept at the heart of everything we do.

If you are interested in health or social care research, there are lots of ways that you can get involved in the work of the NIHR Dissemination Centre.

Spread the word

Use our materials and resources to help raise awareness about the importance of evidence-based practice in your organisation. Use our #KnowYourResearch placard to tweet about why research evidence matters to you, display a postcard on your notice board or even incorporate an RSS feed of new NIHR Signals into you website.

Become a rater

Every week, the NIHR Dissemination Centre’s editorial board meet to discuss which abstracts should be turned into Signals. Before the abstracts are discussed, they are sent to professional and public raters for feedback on its relevance and importance to decision makers and patients. Find out more about becoming a rater or sign up now.

Become an expert commentator

We believe that tremendous value can be added to our summaries by including comments and quotes from experts and patients that have knowledge and expertise in the areas that we cover.  If you are interested in providing commentaries for specific interest areas, or would like further information on exactly what is involved, please let us know by emailing disseminationcentre@nihr.ac.uk

Advisory group

The NIHR Dissemination Centre meets twice a year with an Advisory Group that is comprised of public health managers, clinicians, experts in information and dissemination, and patient and public representatives. The Advisory Group helps to steer and inform our work by advising on the development of our summaries, effective strategies, and plans and policies for the dissemination of relevant, important health research. Advisory Group vacancies are advertised on our website from time to time.

Write a blog

The NIHR Dissemination Centre occasionally asks guest bloggers to write short articles either about our summaries, important topics in health and social care, or dissemination more generally. Please contact disseminationcentre@nihr.ac.uk if you are interested in contributing a blog.

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