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Questions to consider – for pregnant women and their birthing partner

  • If my labour needs to be induced what methods will be offered to me?
  • Will waterbirth facilities will be available where I plan to give birth? Is there information about when and how I will be able to use birthing pool facilities?
  • What is the standard procedure on fetal heart monitoring in the place where I plan to give birth? What choices will I have about whether my baby’s heartbeat is continuously monitored?
  • Are there local resources and support if I want to explore using self-hypnosis for my labour?
  • What pain relief options will there be in the place where I plan to give birth?
  • Do I have a preference about the position I would like to use for giving birth?
  • Have I discussed all the above elements of my labour and delivery with my midwife?
  • Have I recorded my preferences about these things in my birth plan?
  • What additional sources of information and help about labour and delivery are available?

Questions to consider – for midwives

  • For the pregnant women that you support, does the information that you provide make clear all the standard local procedures on labour and delivery?
  • Do you have a checklist that includes the pregnant woman’s options for: induction, waterbirth, pain relief, fetal heart monitoring and position for delivery?
  • Do you have information about local self-hypnosis courses if this is something that pregnant women would like to pursue?


These questions form part of our Highlight on the Management of Labour which takes an evidence-based look at induction, pain relief, waterbirth and more . To read the Highlight in full click here 

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