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About the research on the GP Patient Survey

This Highlight draws on four journal publications derived from the findings of the following NIHR research study: IMPROVE - Improving patient experience in Primary Care: a multi-method programme of research on the measurement and improvement of patient experience.

Burt J, Abel G, Elmore N, Newbould J, Davey A, Llanwarne N, Maramba I, Paddison C, Benson J, Silverman J, Elliott M.N, Campbell J, Roland M. Rating communication in GP consultations: the association between ratings made by patients and trained clinical raters. Medical Care Research and Review. 2016

Burt, J., Lloyd, C., Campbell, J., Roland, M., & Abel, G. Variations in GP–patient communication by ethnicity, age, and gender: evidence from a national primary care patient survey. Br J Gen Pract. 2016; 66(642), e47-e52.

Burt, J., Abel, G., Elmore, N., Lloyd, C., Benson, J., Sarson, L., & Roland, M. Understanding negative feedback from South Asian patients: an experimental vignette study. BMJ Open. 2016; 6(9), e011256.

Boiko, O., Campbell, J. L., Elmore, N., Davey, A. F., Roland, M., & Burt, J. The role of patient experience surveys in quality assurance and improvement: a focus group study in English general practice. Health Expectations 2014; 18.

Further information

NHS England’s publication website sets out the survey methods and shows the data generated by the GP Patient Survey, with analysis tools for comparisons between GP practices https://gp-patient.co.uk/

NHS England’s statistics pages show more detail on the methodology of the survey and the ways in which the data are used https://gp-patient.co.uk/

Related Signals

Research in progress

Other NIHR studies are under way on other aspects of measuring and improving patient experience:

An evaluation of a real-time survey for improving patients’ experiences of the relational aspects of care https://www.journalslibrary.nihr.ac.uk/programmes/hsdr/130739/#/

Several projects examining aspects of gathering and using patient experience data in hospitals available here


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